Staff Traning Course

Post date: 13-Mar-2019 06:49:07

In line with our new e-Smart university strategy the IT Office of BNU has started a series of staff training which will run every Thursday from 12:00 to 13:00. The first session was held on 28th Feb 2019 with large group of BNU administration staff. This session covered issues related to writing in Arabic and Kurdistan using Unicode enabled keyboard. This session gave a basic ideas about Unicode as concept and thought participants how to clear their computers of non Unicode fonts. They learn the importance of working in Unicode system for sharing, searching, archiving and easy collaborations.

It is important to to cultivate the manpower that will produce data to pave the way for a paperless university. It is vital to understand the fundamental our impact on environment and recognizance how our small steps can make the deference and spread the awareness.

Please view the presentation for the session (Click Here)