The public and private sectors in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) are suffering from unconventional unlicensed software to be able to do day to day work. The issue is related to various circumstances. Here at BNU we provide free opensource alternative to many of these illegal software to free ourselves. We encourage our staff to avoid usage of such software and relay on opensource software we have listed here;

Word Processing software as an alternative to Microsoft Word,

1. Google Drive as an BNU Standard application, Online and Offline

2. For Desktop LibreOffice which is a powerful office suite

PDF Reader

1-Foxit Software

Image Editing Program for day to day use

1., very handy and simple use

2. GIMP, The Free & Open Source Image Editor

Scan to PDF

1. Scan to PDF allow you to scan and directly save to PDF for archive or email

Other Categories

We keep updating this site for better reliability,

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