Staff Traning Session #2

Post date: 13-Mar-2019 07:13:36

The "paperless office," coined as a marketing slogan in the early days of the IBM computer, has not yet arrived, despite anecdotal evidence that the use of paper may finally be on the downtrend. For proof, just step into the office of any small business.

At a time when almost every employee has access to a computer terminal, and when mobile devices with pixel densities indistinguishable from that of print media are now commonplace, it's strange that more hasn't done to reduce the usage of paper. In line with the new BNU e-Smart university and paperless administration and academic activities sessions as such has been arranged to spread the awareness. This will allow the human resources to engage with core concept and value their impact in overall success of this strategy. Everyone plays a vital role and have significant impact.

This session take place on March 28th 2019, at 12:00

Please chick to see the preseason by visiting here.